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Bowl of sprouted lentils and jar of salad sprouts

A Beginners Guide to Kitchen Sprouting

IT’S ALIVE!!! Nature has provided everything we need upon this planet for our survival  and we are intrinsically entwined with the world around us. For thousands of years, humans have learned how to prepare and unpack the nutrients in the foods accessible to them and this includes germinating grains, seeds, nuts and beans, helping make… Continue Reading A Beginners Guide to Kitchen Sprouting

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picture of a variety of lentils

Lentils – What you Need to Know

For the love of legumes! Lentils are one of the oldest cultivated seeds from the legume family and are thought to have originated in the Mediterranean region. They have been favoured for thousands of years as a staple food and are eaten all over the world today. Lentils come in dozens of varieties but the… Continue Reading Lentils – What you Need to Know

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A variety of winter squash

The Wonderful World of Winter Squash

Pump-kin up your menu with these hardy and nutrient rich vegetables Okay, let’s start by clearing up the fact that squash is, indeed, a fruit as it contains seeds and is produced from a flower. Whatever, we’re over it already! What is more important is that squash is a delicious and nutritionally dense plant food,… Continue Reading The Wonderful World of Winter Squash

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Turmeric - a super spice

Turmeric – A Super Spice

Woot woot check out this righteous root Turmeric root has made its way into the spot light in the last few years flexing its super hero powers of protection. There are many on going studies on the efficacy of turmeric as a potent anti-inflammatory agent and defender against cancer cells and free radicals in the… Continue Reading Turmeric – A Super Spice

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Jar of Vegemite

Vegemite – the taste of Australia

“She just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich” – From Down Under by Men at Work Have you ever seen an Australian light up at the word Vegemite? They are addicted to the stuff! Makes me wonder what else is added to keep them all coming back for more! It is certainly an “acquired”… Continue Reading Vegemite – the taste of Australia

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Beans, beans and more beans!

Beans and Legumes – A healthy diet choice

if Jack only new the true value of those magic beans at the market! Beans and legumes have been a fundamental part of human history for centuries providing a complex profile of nutrition. They were instrumental in the migration of people across oceans and over land masses as they provided the sustenance needed. Part of… Continue Reading Beans and Legumes – A healthy diet choice

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Picture of an anti-oxidant giving an electron to a free radical while a healthy cell is looking scared

Anti-oxidants, Explained 

Da-da-da-dahhhh! Let these little heroes of the food world dawn their super capes! You have likely heard the buzz on the importance of anti-oxidants in our diets and how essential they are to disease prevention, but, what the heck are they? Bare with me, we are going to talk science for a brief moment. Free… Continue Reading Anti-oxidants, Explained 

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Bowls filled with different fermented foods

Fabulous Ferments and why they are a Must in Your Diet

The magic of symbiosis Fermented foods seem all the rage today in the health food world from kamboucha to kimchee to kefir. So what’s the hype all about? The definition of fermentation is the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeast or other micro-organisms, typically involving effervescence and the giving off of heat. Say… Continue Reading Fabulous Ferments and why they are a Must in Your Diet

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A garden of growing asparagus

the Almighty Asparagus

King of the vegetables Nothing speaks spring like the vibrant green stalks of the asparagus plant! This incredible vegetable is considered one of the top most nutritious veggies out there! Its culinary uses can be Traced backed to Greece over 2500 years ago but it is now grown all over the world and thrives in… Continue Reading the Almighty Asparagus

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Woman holding a glass of water

High Five for Hydration!

H2O, the essential nutrient for life! With the summer around the corner and the temperature already on a steady rise, it is important to remember to stay well hydrated through the warmer months. Seems a straight forward concept but over half our population is considered chronically dehydrated all year round. So this summer be one… Continue Reading High Five for Hydration!

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