I’ve been ejected out the other side!! Plus some DYI moisturizing balms for winter

I’ve been ejected out the other side!! Plus some DYI moisturizing balms for winter

Phew! What a ride! 4 weeks of my life just transited through a vortex of disorder and chaos! Thankfully, I’ve been ejected out the other side!


Upon our return from the wondrous journey to Western Australia, we wasted no time in shifting gears and packing up and moving to a new home. It was never our intention to test the parameters of our sanity but good fortune fell upon us and less than 2 weeks before our trip to WA we secured a more suitable rental for our family. Not to mention, it is directly across from the ocean, so despite being terrible timing, it was kind of a no brainer!


Really, I haven’t even had time to process the experiences I had in WA, was that all just a dream? It seems so long ago already!


Here is what I have to say about Australia…I didn’t know what to expect and it far exceeded any possible expectations I could have had! There wasn’t a minute or moment I didn’t love about the temperature, smells, sounds, tastes, sand, sights and people I met. I would pack up and move there in a heartbeat. There is only one problem, I could never leave my family and friends here in Canada. So, instead, I will treasure the special space it found in my heart.


As for the aftermath, well, I’ve come out the other side a little haggard but still smiling! We are almost totally settled into our new home and feeling grounded enough to do our annual autumn cleanse. It felt so desperately needed to hit the reset button on everything from clean eating to resetting sleep patterns and routines. Let’s face it, when confronted with huge shifts and transitions, it is near impossible to hang on to our healthy habits and often when one goes, the rest follow! The beauty is that we can keep re-directing! It doesn’t matter how often we get off track as long as we remember to bring it on back!


I’ve been struggling to get into my blog groove but I have been brewing up some ideas for next week, cleanse friendly, of course! But this week I decided to share with you a handful of DYI body products I created for myself this past summer. I have been trying to step away from store bought products and love experimenting with natural and simple ingredients while also reducing my plastic dependency.


I have been exclusively using this All Natural Anti-wrinkle Facial Butter (For normal to dry skin) as part of my night time facial routine and I love it! I think it has even kicked back some stress wrinkles!


I have also included this Glossy Lips Lip Balm recipe which comes together easily and soothes and rehydrates chapped lips. Smooch!


Lastly, this Soothing Anti-inflammatory Salve is great for mild burns, bug bites, sunburn, mild abrasions and soothing redness after hair removal such as waxing. It could also be used as a moisturizing salve for dry skin in general.


It feels good to be back doing what I love, connecting with you!


If you are interested in learning more or want to hit your own reset button with a detox or cleanse, a health and Wellness Coach can assist. Contact me for a free consultation to find out if health coaching is right for you.


Yours in health and Wellness,


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