Sinus Support Essential Oil Blend

Sinus Support Essential Oil Blend

Does your nose run and your feet smell?

Looking for an easy essential oil blend to clear your sinuses? Look no further! This essential oil blend is great for cold and flu season, along with reducing the inflammation and irritation of allergic rhinitis for seasonal allergy sufferers throughout the spring and summer. Choose a diffuser or humidifier, a spritzer, DYI shower or bath bomb, a DYI chest salve or a bath oil or simply place a couple of drops on a reusable cloth face wipe and breathe deeply through the nose.

Essential oil properties:

  • Lavender – possesses strong anti-inflammatory qualities and can sooth the symptoms of a histamine response in the body, calming to the nervous system.
  • Peppermint – opens sinuses quickly, has anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and cooling properties to reduce the heat of inflammation.
  • Lemon – purifying and cleansing, stimulates lymphatic drainage, increases and revitalizes energy, anti-microbial, reduces histamine response, cools down inflammatory reactions.
  • Eucalyptus – anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti microbial and decongestant, improves circulation in the respiratory system.


  • 4 parts lemon
  • 2 parts pepperment
  • 2 parts lavender
  • 1 part eucalyptus


  • Add oils directly to a diffuser or make in a larger batch for DYI products such as spritzers, bombs and salves.
  • *Note: I measure my oil amounts in parts for larger volumes of the blend. For example: you could add 4 drops lemon, 2 drops peppermint, 2 drops lavender and 1 drop eucalyptus to your diffuser or cloth pad but if you wanted to create a higher volume then simply do the math and increase the amounts per same ratio. For example, 4 ml lemon, 2 ml peppermint, 2 ml lavender and 1 mil eucalyptus. This volume would be enough plus a little more to add to a DYI spritzer or salve that was 1/2 cup in liquid volume to meet a 3% dilution. 
  • **Note: 1 ml of essential oil is usually around 25 drops.

There are many internet sites that can guide you towards safe and effective use of essential oils and aromatherapy if this interests you. I am not an aromatherapist, although, I am self taught and use oils daily for a variety of applications.

**Note: Always follow the safety guidelines for using essential oils, especially if you are using them on your skin. As a rule, a 3% dilution is safest to avoid skin irritation.

Here is a fun way to try out this blend in the shower. I experimented with this DYI Shower Steamer – Shower Bomb Base, in which you can add any blend of your choosing to drop in the shower and dissolve to fill the air as you create some steam. It is clearing and revitalizing!

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