Hot pepper peach spread on a cracker with creamcheese

Hot Pepper Peach Spread

Sweet and spicy goes very nicely! This simple to make spread is a delicious topping on crackers and cream cheese (try this Cultured Cashew Spread for a delicious vegan cream-cheese) or use as a condiment on samosas, fritters or in tacos. Fresh peaches and jalapeños are in abundance in the late summer and this is… Continue Reading Hot Pepper Peach Spread

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Green Onion and Mixed Herb Pesto

Time to step away from traditional! There is nothing more delightful than all the fresh greens and herbs growing in abundance in the early summer. The trick is trying to figure out what to do with all that abundance! One solution…pesto! The great thing about pesto is that it is so versatile! Use it on… Continue Reading Green Onion and Mixed Herb Pesto

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