What is Health Coaching?

A health coach is a person trained to work with individuals who are committed to making lifestyle changes to enhance overall quality of health and wellness through a variety of avenues that are client directed. Coaching begins with exploring your intentions and then co-creating manageable goals that are attainable and sustainable, ultimately intended to last a lifetime! A coach provides guidance, support, reflection, heart-centred feedback, resources, ideas and a safe, non-judgemental environment to navigate through it all. As the client, you are always in the driver’s seat of your life, a coach supports you in staying accountable and responsible for your path.

When and why do you need an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach?

  • you have been advised by your Physician or Naturopath to modify your diet and lifestyle due to a chronic health issue or to prevent one
  • you need to lose weight or establish and maintain a healthy weight
  • you have been directed to get your body moving and improve your fitness routines
  • you are overwhelmed with responsibilities and are looking for strategies to better your self-care and stress management before you reach burn-out
  • you are tired of always feeling sluggish and want to clear the brain fog for more mental clarity and energy throughout the day
  • you wish to create more space for quality experiences and meaningful relationships in your life
  • you aim to live long and age gracefully avoiding age-related illness such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer or degenerative conditions
  • you are interested in trying a detox or cleanse program
  • you aspire to eat clean and take steps towards supporting more sustainable practices and adopting a more holistic and mindful lifestyle
  • you dream of consistently having a good night’s sleep
  • you are driven to manage digestive complaints such as bloating, gas, heartburn and indigestion or more complex conditions such as IBS, SIBO, celiacs or food allergies
  • you long to be free of chronic inflammation and pain affecting your muscles and joints
  • your managing an auto-immune condition or you have hormonal deficiencies such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalances or menopause
  • you want to identify food sensitivities or explore other diet options such as vegetarian or paleo
  • you intend to improve the quality of meals for your children through meal planning, label reading, pantry makeovers and crowding out unhealthy foods for nutritious ones
  • you desire to improve your emotional and mental health
  • you want to better understand, through reflection,
    what drives your cravings, habits and self-regulation systems and transform negative habits into positive ones
  • you are ready and willing to do the work necessary to create the possibilities to live the life you want to live!

How will an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach help?

A coach will walk you through exploring all aspects of your life, including:

  • nutrition
  • sleep
  • activity
  • stress
  • time management
  • relationships
  • connection
  • life satisfaction

And then will help you to connect the dots. What we put on our plate is only a small piece of our health profile. A coach understands that every individual’s journey is unique and time spent together during sessions is always organic as we are a dynamic system of constantly moving parts making up the whole of who we are. There is no quick fix or one size fits all program that is applied to clients in a coaching environment. Therefore, every program unfolds as goals are created, re-evaluated and occasionally redirected. The Coach holds space for self-discovery and reflection, guiding you to find your own answers and solutions as you identify your strengths and limiting beliefs. Over time and consistency, you will see measurable shifts in your habits and establish long-lasting changes in your diet and lifestyle and your Coach will celebrate your successes along with you!

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